Shadow Neck & Wrist Restraint

This restraint is perfect for beginners interested in trying new things or trying the world of BDSM. This is a new bondage restraint and can bring a whole new pleasure and playtime into your sexual routine. The restraints are also strong enough for experienced bondage players but perfect for anyone new into trying bondage play for their very first time. You can use these restraints in various bondage positions, such as restraining your partner's arms in front or behind the back. You can also use regular positioning such as "hog-tie" or "body for prayer" and wherever your imagination takes you!


  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing collar to cuffs set
  • Quick easy on and off adjustable, collar and cuffs
  • Adjustable connection strap

Materials: 75% nylon, 18% nickel free metal, 5% hook & loop

UPC: 646709099107
Sku: SS09910