Best Sex Cuffs for Bondage & BDSM Play

When your partner has stolen your gaze and incited your passions, it's time to give them what they deserve. Place them under arrest and under your control. Our selection of sex cuffs and BDSM accessories are perfect for power, punishment and pleasure play. Find cuffs with lavish designs that look irresistible on your lover. Choose from glam sex cuffs like the lightweight lace corset cuffs with satin ribbon tie, or the playful faux fur cuffs that tickle their fancies. Get seriously devious with the saffron cuffs, designed to look alluring and sexy when paired with seductive lingerie. On a practical level, most cuffs in stock are built for versatility; they can be cuffed together, or used with spreader bars and other BDSM harnesses, anchor pads, D-Rings and accessories, giving you a myriad of positions to experiment with. Make any room in the house worthy of a romp with the Door Jam Cuffs - no installation required, the straps simply slide over closed doors for wrists or under doors for ankles. Make your partner your willing sex captive with the binding gauntlet cuffs that make them all yours for the taking as they beg to engage with you. Choose from embellished cuffs like the bedazzled bling cuffs for a bedroom rock star aesthetic; the collar and cuff set that transforms your partner into your loyal pleasure pet; shop durable metal handcuffs complete with lock and key; soft neoprene beginner's cuffs for the newly inducted; neck and wrist restraints and so much more.