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Painful Sex Positions? The Best Tips and Alternatives to Reduce Discomfort

by Sportsheets Blogger March 20, 2018

Sometimes, if you are suffering from chronic or acute joint or muscular pain, sex can be unpleasant, difficult, or even impossible. The pain of getting into the right position, thrusting, and moving in a natural rhythm with your partner increases existing discomfort. For people suffering from these conditions, sex might not seem worth it.

To us, that’s unacceptable.  

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How to Properly Clean your Sex Toys

by Sportsheets Blogger March 15, 2018

How does that old phrase go?: Cleanliness is next to godliness, and whatever else you do, be certain to clean your sex toys. I think that’s it.

Properly cleaning sex toys isn’t hard work, but it is serious business. The consequences of not cleaning your sex toy are more significant than you might think. Sex toys come in a huge range of shapes and materials, and that will affect how you want to go about cleaning them. But there are some general tips to keep in mind, as well as specific instructions for individual materials.  

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Sex with Cerebral Palsy: Toys and Comfortable Positions to Keep You in the Moment

by Sportsheets Blogger March 13, 2018

Cerebral palsy may impact your sex life, but it shouldn’t define sex for you or your partner. Healthy communication between partners—and between you and your caregivers, as applicable—is a vital first step toward gaining the sex life you want. By experimenting with different positions and different toys, couples with CP can find new ways to experience accessible, enthusiastic, and satisfying sex.

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Best Toys for Couples: The Top Sex Accessories To Heat Up Your Bedroom

by Sportsheets Blogger March 08, 2018

A well-stocked bedroom is like a well-stocked bar. You need to have more than a pack of condoms, just as you need more than a case of Natty Light.

It’s not enough to have walls and a mattress. There are times you’re in the mood for simple, and times you’re in the mood for complex. There are times you want pure pleasure and times you want a hint of pain. Are you stocked for it?


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