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Tips for Resuming Sex Postpartum: Overcoming Physical and Psychological Difficulties

by Sportsheets Blogger April 10, 2018

When couples attempt to resume sex postpartum, the problems that may arise usually aren’t due to a loss of physical or emotional attraction. In fact, couples may be more in love than ever after the birth of a baby. However, between caring for the new baby and trying to deal with changes in your body and your relationship, it can be hard to know exactly when or how to get your sex life back on track.

It’s not that women don’t want to engage in sex postpartum—it’s that couples need to work together to rekindle their connection.

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Peg Me, Please: The Straight Man's Guide To Getting Pegged By His Woman

by Sportsheets Blogger March 29, 2018

"If there is one thing I hate, as a man, it is experiencing new sexual pleasure and being brought to new orgasmic heights.”

                -Completely Made Up

So, there’s a reason I had to make up that quote: it has literally never been said, even by accident. 

So why, when it comes to the amazing orgasm that pegging can cause, is there so often reluctance? In this guide, we work to understand and overcome hesitation and inaccuracies surrounding the act of getting pegged.

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A Woman's Guide to Pegging Men: How to Suggest It, How to Do It, and What to Use

by Sportsheets Blogger March 27, 2018

One conversation my husband and I have all the time is about how much fun it would be to swap bodies for a day or two, just to see what it’s like. Obviously, the bulk of the time would be spent having sex or doing sex things. We’d both love to know how it feels for the other person, having those opposite parts.

And that's one thing that pegging can do.

Pegging is an incredible way for partners to get to know each other’s bodies better, to establish trust and love, to play with roles, and to have a wild, sexy, kinky, amazingly good time together. If you are interested in pegging, but not sure how to bring it up, or where to start, or how to do it, we’ve got your answers. 

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Painful Sex Positions? The Best Tips and Alternatives to Reduce Discomfort

by Sportsheets Blogger March 20, 2018

Sometimes, if you are suffering from chronic or acute joint or muscular pain, sex can be unpleasant, difficult, or even impossible. The pain of getting into the right position, thrusting, and moving in a natural rhythm with your partner increases existing discomfort. For people suffering from these conditions, sex might not seem worth it.

To us, that’s unacceptable.  

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