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Masochism in May: Exploring the Joy of Finding Pleasure in Pain
By: Emily Fata - 05/17/2022
For the second half of May, we're here to highlight another exciting 'M': Masochism*!
This Masturbation May, We're Delivering Better Masturbation Right to You
By: Emily Fata - 05/05/2022
Anyone can enjoy masturbation at any time of the year, whether done manually with your hands or while using sex toys
Here Are 18 Kinky Bondage Toys Every Dominant Needs in the Bedroom
By: Emily Fata - 04/19/2022
From restraints, to ropes and bondage tape, to spreader bars (and everything in between!), we've got you covered.
The Orgasm Gap: Fighting the Difference Between Men's and Women's Orgasms
By: Emily Fata - 04/04/2022
Here's what we can do to change the perspective from 'male vs female orgasm' to just embracing human orgasm as a whole.
Yes, BDSM Is Part of the Feminism Movement, and Here is Why
By: Emily Fata - 03/18/2022
Today, we're diving into the topic of how BDSM does, in fact, support the feminist movement.
International Women's Day: Celebrating Women's Rights and Embracing Sexuality
By: Emily Fagta - 03/07/2022
It's the month of March, a time of recognizing women's suffrage and the struggle that they have gone through for centuries.
14 Sex Toys That Will Fulfill Your Sexual Needs and Enhance Sexual Desire
By: Emily Fata - 02/25/2022
Ah, sexual desire. It's one of those incredible things in life that can make us feel wild with a primal need for orgasm
Bringing Mobility and Comfort to Your Sex Life with Sportsheets
By: Emily Fata - 02/24/2022
For many people, the ability to move about freely is a key factor in leading a comfortable life
19 Common Kinks and Fantasies You Need to Know About
By: Emily Fata - 02/11/2022
Whether you're looking for the perfect sex toy or to take your intimacy to the next level, Sportsheets offers tips and advice for your life.
Sex Toy Enlightenment
By: Emily Fata - 01/13/2022
Sex toys can be a fun and novel way to engage in sex by yourself or with a partner. In today's modern world, there are hundreds of different types of sex toys
27 Sexy Bucket List Items You Need to Try in 2022
By: Emily Fata - 12/17/2021
Let's be honest: keeping it real in the bedroom doesn't always come easily, whether you're in a casual relationship or have been struggling for sex during marriage to feel new and exciting.