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BDSM Floggers & Bondage Sex Toys

Unleash the full power of your desire. Take your BDSM play to the next level with our wide selection of floggers. Play out your darkest fantasies and tantalize your partner's every curve and nook with the seductive strands of these luxury floggers. Caress and tease, then turn up the intensity with a titillating thrash. Strike your lover's supple skin with a stinging lash, stimulate their erogenous zones and relish in watching them react. Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? You can punish them in the most satisfying ways imaginable with our selection of BDSM products. Choose from basic, faux leather floggers in sinister black or bold, sexy red; browse a variety of designs, from ornately crafted floggers with mahogany handles to seductive velvet floggers. Go big or go home: turn up the glam with a jeweled flogger or our bedazzled bling floggers, made to add sparkle and opulence to your fun. Lashing your lover never looked this good! For beginners who might be curious but cautious, the Shadow Rope Flogger is made with softer rope tendrils that are perfect for entry-level BDSM but still inflict a formidable impact. Find vegan leather floggers for guilt-free play. Tease and torment your lover anywhere with the mini faux leather flogger, made for discreet storage and ease for travel. The size might be mini, but the power is still in your hands.


Mahogany Flogger

1 review
$11.99 USD
Save 45%
Shadow Rope Flogger
$11.99 USD $21.99 USD
Save 52%
Jeweled Flogger, 30 Inch
$9.99 USD $20.99 USD
Save 40%
Sparkle Vegan Leather Flogger
$14.99 USD $24.99 USD
Crystal Whip
$14.99 USD
Save 47%
Bling Flogger
$15.99 USD $29.99 USD