S&M Sex Toys, Feathers & Ticklers

Light as a feather, stiff as a board...arousing new sensations to your foreplay is easy with our wide variety of ticklers. Trace your lover's every sensual curve and every alluring corner; give them all the tingles as you toy with their anticipation. Send shivers up their spine as they desperately await your next move. The most intimate moments take time, so tickle their fancies with our selection of ticklers, featuring a variety of feather types, materials and embellishments to enhance your bedroom playtime like never before. Tickling goes a long way on its own, but it pairs even better with sensory deprivation, which is why it is a common component in many of our BDSM kits, along with blindfolds. Choose from ostrich feather ticklers, resplendent rooster feather ticklers, pleasure feather dusters, and hybrid ticklers that feature feathers on one end and a whip on the other. You can take full control of your partner's pleasure with silicone whips in hand. Deliver a unique sensation with the metal chain ball tickler that can be brushed across erogenous areas, preying on your partner's sensitivity. Pro tip: The metal chain ball tickler has the unique capability to use temperature to enhance the sensory experience. Dip the metal ball chains in hot or cold water to sizzle your lover's senses or send chills through their body that only you can soothe with your warm touch.