Collars & Leashes

BDSM Collar and Leash Sets

Go into full submission or step into passionate powerplay when you introduce collars and leashes into your fetish fantasies. Satisfy your desires as you go deeper into the world of BDSM. Choose from seductive sex collar and leash designs, like the fishnet collar and leash set. Build anticipation throughout the day by detaching the leash and wearing just the collar throughout the day, tempting and teasing your lover until the time is right. The black day collar is perfect for this type of covert provocation as you go throughout your day, sending subliminal signals to your partner about what awaits them later that night. If your role is the master, assert your dominance over your sexy plaything. Show them who calls the shots by taking hold of the leash and leading them wherever you want them to follow. Make them, submit to your every naughty request. Collars and leashes pair perfectly with floggers, whips and ticklers for pleasurable punishment or tantalizing teases.