Blackout Mask

Their vision eclipsed, slide your hands down past their hips... This unique blackout mask harkens to the time of harlequin masquerade balls when lusty lords and ladies would obscure part of their face to increase the thrill of their erotic encounters. Now you, too, can bring the mystique of these behind-closed-door gatherings to your bedroom space, but this time it will be pitch black for your mysterious consort. Tie the soft satin ribbons around their head and it will be lights out for them. In their dark domain, all other senses will intensify touch, taste, sound, smell... Use them to invoke a sense of intrigue and suspense.
    Material: Nickel-Free Metal / Polyester / Polypropylene / Satin
    Color: Black
    UPC: 646709100889
    SKU: SS10088