Peaches ‘n CreaMe Flogger

Whip up some excitement with the Peaches ‘n CreaMe Flogger for sadistic pleasure that’s both a little playful and a lot of fun? Experience a flirty fusion of bright and teasing vibes alongside playful passion. Crafted with love and peach-colored faux leather, it's as sweet as it is sassy. The striped handle adds a touch of whimsy, making it a delight to hold and a joy to wield. Add a pop of colorful pleasure with every satisfying strike to your partner and leave them blushing with delight!


  • 32" faux leather falls 
  • Rose gold accents

Materials: 80% Polyurethane, 15% ABS, 5% Iron

SKU: SS09967
UPC: 646709099671