Bow Tie Collar & Leash
Bow Tie Collar & Leash

Bow Tie Collar & Leash


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Make a statement with the Bow Tie Collar and Leash. Dress up your favorite gown with the collar for a sexy submissive look or dominate the space as your partner struts you around with nothing else on. This set looks formal to keep your power play sophisticated and sexy. No matter how you style it, you will steal the show or at least the spotlight.


  • Promotes accessibility
  • For all experience levels
  • Faux leather
  • Hand wash
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Nickel free
  • Restraint

In The Box:

  • Collar
  • Leash

Overall Specs:

  • Collar Length: 23" (58.4 cm)
  • Leash Length: 50" (127 cm)



65% polyurethane, 5% nickel free metal

How to care: Use an alcohol wipe for Collar and Leash