Spreader Bars

Bondage Gear and Adjustable Spreader Bars for Fetish Play

Waiting for the perfect moment to catch your lover in a compromising position? Forget waiting and make it happen with our selection of spreader bars that will have your lover right where you want them. Choose from lavishly stylized designs like the Enchanted Spreader Bar, adorned with velvety burgundy and made to be slipped on and off easily, but securely. Or, find a more hardcore style with which to restrain their ankles and wrists: the metal spreader bar and cuffs that put your partner in the most vulnerable positions. Dabble in kinky new positions that are limited only by your own imagination with the Spread the Love Bar, a dynamically designed bar equipped with 4 hooks and loops. Upgrade your BDSM collection with sexy spreader bars that allow you to play out your most erotic bondage fantasies like never before.