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Naughty Sex Crops for BDSM Play

No naughty deed or dirty thought should go unpunished. It's time you laid down the law with our collection of sexy crops, designed for lovers of all things BDSM. When your lover is acting wild and untamed, it's time to break the beast and show them who's boss. The black, vegan leather riding crop is meant to give your partner a swift smack on their supple skin when they get out of line. Pain meets pleasure when you deliver a stinging thrash using the slender impulse crop. This design is thin and agile, made for an extra crisp snap as you dole out your commands. As you ride your steed, whip them into shape to make them do your every bidding. Establish your dominance in the most pleasurable way possible with the S&M Feather Slapper, a treacherous tool that delivers equal doses of pleasure and pain. One end features a playful spray of red feathers for frisky fun and titillating teases; the other end boasts a curt crop, meant for swift swatting and slaps. Pairs wonderfully with blindfolds, cuffs, restraints and lingerie to create a truly satisfying sensual experience. Among other choice, you'll find the black and rose colored crystal crops, featuring adorned handles for a flair of extra glam as you dole out your punishments; the Heart Beat crop, an on-theme design made into a heart shape with lace up satin ribbon; the snake bite crop, a sleek, sexy and serpentine design made of vegan leather. Another must-have in your bondage artillery chest, this crop features a split tip, reminiscent of a snake's tongue. Find all varieties of crops to suit your BDSM play level.


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Shadow Ball Crop
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Studded Square Crop
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Please Crop
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Enchanted Crop
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Lace and Satin Crop

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Amor Crop
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