Anal Explorer Kit

Explore the back door and you'll soon be wanting more! Need a kit that's easy on your entry-level anus, but also know you'll soon be ready for more substantial fun? The Anal Explorer strap-on kit has got you covered. You and your favorite explorer will have everything you need to delve into your intimate curiosities and satisfy your most delicious desires. You will love the irresistible sight of your lover in the attractive, secure, and adjustable harness.

Start with the small dildo and, once your inexperienced opening has been properly romanced, switch it up to a more hefty piece with the larger dong. You’ll be prepared to leave no fantasy unexplored as the included O-rings leave open the possibility for even more dildos in a variety of sizes and shapes. Start slow, try different positions, communicate, and enjoy! Use plenty of water-based lube.


  • Adjustable strap-on harness, fits hips up to 60"
  • Works with most flared dildos
  • Machine washable harness
Material: Nickel-Free Metal / Nitrile / Silicone / ABS Plastic / Polyvinyl / Polypropylene
Color: Purple / Black
UPC: 646709690083
SKU: SS69008