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Find Top Rated Butt Plugs & Anal Sex Toys

>More to explore when playing in the backdoor! Whether you're an anal sex pro or a curious anal virgin, looking to find new avenues for sensual stimulation, our anal sex toy emporium has all the right toys and accessories to enhance your experience. If you've thought about it, chances are, you'll find it here. Anal sex beginners can start with the anal explorer kit, an all-encompassing kit stocked with a sexy harness and O-rings that allow you to affix different sized dildos to it as the experience and play grows more intense over time. The Please Silicone Dildo is the perfect penetration starter; a smooth, slender silicone dildo model at 5 inches in length for easy, petite penetration. Beginner-friendly products make exploring new erotic territory possible so that you can work your way up to a more seasoned level of play. For the experienced fans of anal sex, find deep satisfaction with Black Silicone Anal Beads, made to create a heightened sexual experience like no other. Into kinky role-play? Add a touch of seductive charm with the Metal Bunny Butt Plugs, crafted with a long, narrow neck to keep the toy securely in place. When one entry point isn't enough, what's next? Fulfill your double penetration desires without having to involve a third party (that is, if you don't want to.) Strap on the Ménage à Trois Strap-On, a useful strap-on harness that comes with a silicone dildo and 4 rings. Choose from rubber and silicone dildos of various lengths and girths to give you the customized anal play experience you're looking for.


Silicone Bunny Butt Plug

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Perfect Practice
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Anal Explorer Kit

2 reviews
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Please Dildo
$35.99 USD
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