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8 Signs You've Actually Found a Sex Toy Company You Can Trust

By: Emily Fata

Between the Sheets

Whether you're a first-timer or are ready to make a second sex toy purchase (or third, or fourth - we're not counting), buying quality sex toys from a reputable brand is paramount. Not only is this crucial to your physical and emotional well-being, but the way a company interacts with the world around them can affect how the world perceives sexual wellness and inclusivity.

Before you jump into filling up your box of sex toys from just any business selling adult products, it's important to understand just what makes a reputable sex toy company. We're here to help - and to let you know that we hit the nail on the head with each of these points.


1. There are plenty of good reviews

When buying sex products, you want to ensure that it has done its job satisfying other users. A flood of good reviews is a critical sign that this is a toy that will bring you the pleasure you're seeking.

Just take The Original Sportsheet® as an example. Not only will a quick peek on our website show an impressively high rating, but a simple Google search will also give you a thorough indication of just how much people love it. 

2. Their sex products use body-safe materials


Ensuring a product is made of body-safe materials is essential when using sex toys. However, did you know that this is also true for other adult products? From spreader bars, restraints, ropes and bondage tape used during bondage, as well as ball gags that go directly in the mouth, folx should be aware of what materials their purchases are designed with before ever placing them on or inside of their bodies.

At Sportsheets, all our products are constructed using durable and body-safe materials so that our customers never have to second-guess the items they desire the most.

3. The brand is all-around inclusive

Unfortunately, on both sex toy websites and in retail stores, we tend to see a very narrow (and often unattainable) selection of people chosen to model products. This tends to discriminate against BIPOC, folx in the LGBTQ2S+ community, and plus-size sex. Rarely are considerations like sex after menopause, sex after baby, reducing discomfort during sex, or even using weed to enhance orgasm and fight anxiety taken into consideration.

The fact is, these are all very relevant factors in the world of sex and sexual wellness and should be openly expressed.

4. Ableism is thrown out the window

Bed Restraints

If there's one thing that a reputable and inclusive sex toy company should not stand for, it's ableism. Because Sportsheets is a national enterprise, we know the impact our words can have on the world around us. This is why we design sex products that are inclusive to all bodies and create informative articles to support this further. Having sex with Multiple Sclerosis, finding the best sex positions and toys for folks with arthritis, enjoying safe sex after hip replacement surgery, and intimacy as a person with quadriplegia are just some of the many topics we've covered in the past.

5. There is absolutely no kink-shaming

A kink is a sexualized thought that arouses a person, while a fetish is an act or object that causes a person to become aroused. Both are quite common and should never be shamed, including by sex toy companies! One example is embracing the world of BDSM, both with erotic toys and related sex furniture. Whether it's hardcore or vanilla bondage, products like floggers, ticklers, and whips, embracing nipple play, or offering options for using a strap-on can make kinksters feel safe and accepted within the space.

(In case you didn't know, Sportsheets offers all these things!)

6. They educate their customers on safe practices


Safe sex is as essential as embracing sex in and of itself. A large part of keeping it real in the bedroom includes learning about both your and your partners' bodies, using the right tools to bring the ultimate sense of pleasure, and practicing sex as safely as possible. This can be anything from using the right lube to make sex more comfortable and sensual to educating yourself on sexually transmitted infections and birth control options.

It's why upkeeping the Sportsheets blog is so important to us!

 7. There's a little something for everyone

The best sex toy company (for example, Sportsheets) will offer a wide range of products that appeal to different folx's interests. From stimulating the G-spot during vaginal penetration, the P-spot during anal sex on people with penises, and even providing vibrators for couples to use together, these are all toys that should be readily available. We also take a step further by offering the best sex toys for erectile dysfunction and even for pegging someone with a penis

8. Their adult products keep up with the times


Whether a national enterprise or small boutique, sex toy websites and retailers have to offer items that go beyond what was offered in the past. This means toys for sex during marriage and while single and mingling, exploring other body parts (for example, nipple play), and sensory stimulation like spanking. Maybe even some products to take advantage of having sex in different rooms, such as on the couch, in the kitchen, or shower sex.

If you were wondering: Yes, Sportsheets is invested in being a leader in modernizing the sex industry.


Next time you visit your favorite sex toy shop or opt to buy adult products online, we hope you take all of the above points into consideration. Whether purchased from a small mom-and-pop store or a national enterprise, quality sex toys rely not just on the material and design of the products, but also on the legacy of those selling them.

Thus, your go-to sex toy websites and retail stores should benefit not only your physical and emotional well-being, but also the way that the company itself influences society. This will have a long-term impact on how the world views sexual wellness and inclusivity. 

Aside from our superior manufacturing and materials, what do you love most about Sportsheets' adult products? What are your tell-tale signs when searching for a reputable brand for quality sex toys?