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7 Advantages to Discussing Your Erotic Fantasies Before Sex
By: Emily Fata - 12/03/2021
Exploring your sexual fantasies is absolutely life changing. But what is a sexual fantasy, anyway? A sexual fantasy, also known as erotic fantasies, are mental images or thought patterns
What Is Pegging and Can It Boost My Sex Life?
By: Emily Fata - 12/01/2021
Chances are, you've heard of vulva owners and women pegging their sexual partners. The fact is, it can be enjoyable and pleasurable.
Help! Is This the Right Pegging Strap-on for Me?
By: Emily Fata - 11/19/2021
This week, we're taking things one step further by answering your next big question: "How do I pick the right pegging strap-on for me?"
Holiday Picks From Sportsheets: The Best Sex Toy Company Out There
By: Emily Fata - 11/09/2021
Chances are, you're already on the prowl for the best holiday gifts, especially for that special someone. The good news is that you need not look any further than Sportsheets
9 Ways to Create a Sexy Environment With Your Partner Tonight
By: Emily Fata - 10/29/2021
Hoping for a more sensual experience in bed (or anywhere else you decide to get it on, for that matter)? It's time you put some more thought into planning to set the mood.
How Our Woman-Run Sex Toy Company Set a New Standard in the Industry
By: Emily Fata - 10/22/2021
What does it take to run a national enterprise manufacturing and selling quality sex toys and other sex-related products?
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Can Sex Be Enjoyable After Diagnosis?
By: Emily Fata - 10/13/2021
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to promote awareness about the effects of breast cancer and reduce the stigma associated with the disease
12 Sexy Roleplay Ideas to Dive Into This Halloween
By: Emily Fata - 10/08/2021
With Halloween right around the corner, couples everywhere are beginning to think about what roleplaying games they can act out
Do I Need Explicit Consent Before Any Type of Sexual Activity?
By: Emily Fata - 10/01/2021
One thing we find critical to remind others of is the importance of communication in sexual relationships. It doesn't matter if the person you have a sexual encounter with is a hookup, a new serious partner, or a long-term relationship.
8 Signs You've Actually Found a Sex Toy Company You Can Trust
By: Emily Fata - 09/24/2021
Before you jump into filling up your box of sex toys from just any business selling adult products, it's important to understand just what makes a reputable sex toy company.
Epic Sex and Disability Aren't Mutually Exclusive - Here Is Why
By: Emily Fata - 09/17/2021
There are many myths about sexuality and disability, all of which we would love to debunk. However, while we can't address each of them, we can share some advice on sex and disability
12 of Sportsheets' Sexy Toys for Every Sensual Fantasy
By: Emily Fata - 09/10/2021
When it comes to quality sex toys, we take things very seriously here at Sportsheets. It's why we would position ourselves as the best sex toy company out there!