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Cold Outside? Heat Things Up in the Shower

By: Sportsheets

Shower Sex

Who hasn't fantasized about a steamy romp in the shower with your lover? Hot water flowing over your clean bodies, slippery body parts rubbing up against each other, deep kissing and passionate caressing... anything goes.

Unfortunately, the reality of sex in the shower can sometimes be more comical than sexy. Feet slipping, hands searching for something to keep you steady, awkward positions? all of these things can get in the way of living out your steamy shower fantasies

Sportsheets to the rescue!

We've taken care of everything with our Sex in the Shower line, including handles, footrests, restraints, and toys - all made to help you make the most of your sexy shower time.

"For most of us, having a little leverage in the shower helps us to be more confident and comfortable - and it keeps the fun going longer," says sex educator Tristan Taormino.

To ensure there's no unwanted slipping, Taormino suggests adding a non-skid bottom to your tub or shower. This can be a non-slip bath mat or textured stickers purchased from your home store. Next up: Consider adding the Sportsheets Dual Locking Suction Handle and Single Locking Suction Foot Rest. Both are designed to steady you during your shower interlude as well as open up new angles to explore. They're also super discreet so you don't have to hide them away after the fun.

"Once you get in there, make sure you've got some silicone lube on hand," Taormino says. "Unlike water-based lube, silicone lube stays put even when wet so you can make penetration more comfortable and last longer. But remember: just use a tiny bit at a time; a spill on the floor of your shower can be difficult to clean up and makes the tub even slicker."

Taormino suggests experimenting with different positions to find which ones work best for you and your partner. During intercourse, she says going slower can help you keep your balance and lead to more intense sensations. "Going slower can tease you and your partner differently than a more vigorous session, but it has the benefit of giving you time to savor each other's bodies in ways that faster sex may not," she says.

Once you've got your moves down, try adding some toys like the Waterproof Mini Massager the Vibrating Mesh Massage or the Blue Silicone Anal Shower Beads. These will add some zing to your play, and all are water-safe.

If you like restraint play, the Sportsheets Suction Hand Cuffs are the perfect shower accessory. Imagine the sensations you'll feel cuffed to the shower wall, water streaming down your body and your lover's kisses and caresses awakening every sense. You may never want to get out!

The best part of shower sex? You come out cleaner then you were when you got in! Have fun and let us know how it goes.