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12 Sexy Roleplay Ideas to Dive Into This Halloween

By: Emily Fata


With Halloween right around the corner, couples everywhere are beginning to think about what roleplaying games they can act out to get into the spirit of the season. As they think about which sexy outfits need to be purchased, the abundance of sexy toys available for every fantasy, and even about the location and time of day that these sex scenarios will unfold, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all.

"Which sexy roleplay is best for my partner and me?"

"Are there bedroom costumes that are a must-have?"

"What kind of roleplay sex is best-suited for us?"

Today, we're diving into 12 of our favorite roleplay ideas - from sweet, light-hearted, and fun to hardcore BDSM roleplay - to help you determine what fantasies most align with your deepest desires. Remember to always keep it real in the bedroom and consult with your partner to get full consent before trying any of these roleplays and before any sexual act! Communication in sexual relationships is key to mutual pleasure.

Vampire and mortal

This is one of the fun roleplaying games where you can tweak your fantasy to the storyline. Maybe the vampire is in sexy Halloween lingerie, while the mortal is in plain clothing (or entirely naked). Perhaps, this vampire uses blindfolds and masks not to see their midnight feast while they 'suck blood' from their nipples.

Note: Do not cause physical harm to your partner unless agreed on in advance.

Doctor and patient


Whether this is a regular check-up that takes a sensual turn once the patient begins to undress or a high-profile surgeon about to perform surgery on a patient bound to their gurney, this can be an incredibly erotic roleplay to act out. Consider incorporating The Original Sportsheet® or spreader bars into your routine.

Superhero and civilian

There are so many sexy outfits that you can incorporate into this scenario, which can effortlessly become a BDSM roleplay with some ropes and bondage tape. If you're interested in adding a third person to the fantasy, they can take on the villain role.

Dom and sub 

This erotic roleplay can be explored equally by folx well-versed in the world of BDSM and those just discovering bondage for beginners. Toys such as paddles and floggers can be used for spanking, while wearing collars and leashes and playing with whips can help fulfill the animalistic and carnal desires felt between the roleplayers.

Teacher and student

Not only is it easy to find a sexy teacher costume during the Halloween season, but we love how versatile this performance can be. Perhaps the student is trying to entice their teacher for better grades, or the teacher is punishing their pupil for misbehaving in class.

Plus, this can be incredibly fulfilling for sex in a wheelchair, as either student or teacher can roleplay sitting behind a desk while being seduced by the other.

Gendered role-reversal


For cis-gendered heterosexual couples, it can be fun to step outside of your typical gendered norms. This can be anything from switching clothing or lingerie during your roleplay to the vagina-owning partner using a strap-on while pegging the partner with a penis. Take things up a notch by setting your fantasy in different periods, from Neanderthals in a cave to students in the backseat of a car in a 1980s parking lot.

Police officer and criminal

Have you been a naughty lawbreaker? Roleplay police officer or detective and criminal in this kinky act that can involve anything from 'strategically' questioning the culprit, all the way to incorporating BDSM roleplay through the use of restraints (such as handcuffs) during an 'arrest'. Sometimes, what happens in prison stays in prison.

Porn stars  


Whether in lingerie costumes or nothing at all, this can be an entertaining act. Remember, too, that sex and disability are not mutually exclusive, so anyone can enjoy this. As you seek out the P-spot during anal sex or the G-spot for squirting, know that you are the stars of this show.

Strangers first meeting

This roleplay is a favorite to make sex during marriage more sensual; it's the perfect sexy date night idea. With this fantasy, the sky is the limit. You can be anything from two people bumping into each other at the grocery store, to the pizza delivery person, to pairing up in a sex dungeon while exploring your BDSM limits together.

Celebrity and fan 

You may be wearing one of your most sexy outfits at an awards show and meeting a fan after you've taken home multiple honors. Perhaps, your self-proclaimed 'biggest fan' broke into your home and is trying to seduce you. Whichever direction you take your pleasure in this scenario, you're sure to have an erotic time.

Voyeur and an unsuspecting masturbator

This is an excellent roleplay for folx who enjoy masturbation (manually or with a vibrator or other sex toy) and being watched, or who want to see their partner get themself off. If you want to experiment with cuckolding, you can bring in a third (or more) person and roleplay watching 'strangers' have sex together.

Boss and employee

Power Play

Are you working after hours, and your boss comes to check on your progress? Are you an intern looking for a promotion? Explore your dreams in this dynamic.

This scenario is fantastic for increasing intimacy and pleasure if you have paraplegia or sex and intimacy after amputation, as couples can use a bed or wheelchair as a stand-in fantasy for an office desk or chair.

Whether roleplaying one-on-one or as part of a larger kinky party, we hope you found something to enjoy acting out during your Halloween roleplaying games. From the kinky outfits to the roleplay ideas themselves, you'll be turning yourself on as much as you will your partner. After all, what better way to celebrate the season of dressing up than by becoming a new character and acting out your sexiest, most erotic fantasies?

What are your recommendations on how to roleplay for beginners? Are there any sexy roleplay ideas that you swear by?