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Masochism in May: Exploring the Joy of Finding Pleasure in Pain
By: Emily Fata - 05/17/2022
For the second half of May, we're here to highlight another exciting 'M': Masochism*!
Here Are 18 Kinky Bondage Toys Every Dominant Needs in the Bedroom
By: Emily Fata - 04/19/2022
From restraints, to ropes and bondage tape, to spreader bars (and everything in between!), we've got you covered.
Help! Is This the Right Pegging Strap-on for Me?
By: Emily Fata - 11/19/2021
This week, we're taking things one step further by answering your next big question: "How do I pick the right pegging strap-on for me?"
Holiday Picks From Sportsheets: The Best Sex Toy Company Out There
By: Emily Fata - 11/09/2021
Chances are, you're already on the prowl for the best holiday gifts, especially for that special someone. The good news is that you need not look any further than Sportsheets
12 Sexy Roleplay Ideas to Dive Into This Halloween
By: Emily Fata - 10/08/2021
With Halloween right around the corner, couples everywhere are beginning to think about what roleplaying games they can act out
12 of Sportsheets' Sexy Toys for Every Sensual Fantasy
By: Emily Fata - 09/10/2021
When it comes to quality sex toys, we take things very seriously here at Sportsheets. It's why we would position ourselves as the best sex toy company out there!
Safe Bondage: The Products and Discussions that Keep Your Kink Connected
By: Sportsheets - 05/31/2021
If you want to be safe, you have to follow the rules of unquestionable consent, constant communication, and using well-made products and toys.
Peg Me, Please: The Straight Man's Guide To Getting Pegged By His Woman
By: Sportsheets - 05/07/2021
Why is it that men who try it find pegging to be amazing, an incredible part of a mutually-respectful relationship?
Sharing is Caring: Vibrators for Couples
By: Emily Fata - 06/11/2020
Think vibrators are only for women to use on their own? Think again. Imaginative couples are bringing vibrators into their sex lives - and enjoying sensational results!
So You Want to Go to a Kinky Party?
By: Emily Fata - 11/19/2019
Being kinky has become steadily more and more mainstream. More people than ever before are taking a chance, exploring their kinks
Strap On Toys for Everyone
By: Sportsheets - 04/25/2019
Strap-On toys are an excellent way to make your sex life a little more interesting.
Keeping It Real In The Bedroom
By: Emily Fata - 02/04/2019
If you are in a sexual relationship and are looking for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom, why not try vibrators, wand massagers or even g-spot toys?