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27 Sexy Bucket List Items You Need to Try in 2022
By: Emily Fata - 12/17/2021
Let's be honest: keeping it real in the bedroom doesn't always come easily, whether you're in a casual relationship or have been struggling for sex during marriage to feel new and exciting.
7 Advantages to Discussing Your Erotic Fantasies Before Sex
By: Emily Fata - 12/03/2021
Exploring your sexual fantasies is absolutely life changing. But what is a sexual fantasy, anyway? A sexual fantasy, also known as erotic fantasies, are mental images or thought patterns
9 Ways to Create a Sexy Environment With Your Partner Tonight
By: Emily Fata - 10/29/2021
Hoping for a more sensual experience in bed (or anywhere else you decide to get it on, for that matter)? It's time you put some more thought into planning to set the mood.
Sexy Date Night Ideas: Sex Toy Kits Provide a 'Date in a Box' for Couples
By: Sportsheets - 12/19/2017
Sex toy kits provide a theme and direction, but more than that, provide limitless possibilities.
6 Things That'll Take Shower Sex from Awkward to Super-Sexy
By: Sportsheets - 10/06/2017
Taking sex off the bed and into new and fun places is an easy way to turn up the heat between you and your partner.