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19 Common Kinks and Fantasies You Need to Know About

By: Emily Fata

19 Common Kinks

What is a kink?

A sexual kink refers to any sexual proclivity or fantasy that may be considered 'non-conventional' to society, in general. In learning about kinks that go beyond those you may experience yourself, you can educate yourself and help make the world a more sex-positive place. Fortunately, the world is already becoming more sex-positive, which has resulted in many kinks being 'normalized' and no longer considered taboo or shamed - and rightfully so! 

To celebrate our (and your) kinkiness, below you'll find 19 kinks that many folks fantasize about. All have been listed in alphabetical order.

Age Play

This is also known as 'paraphilic infantilism', a kink that expresses a longing to act like (or to be) a baby. The kink is typically expressed through role-playing, with one person dressing up as a child while the other takes on the role of parent or caretaker.


Anal Sex

Anal sex involves inserting a penis or sex object (such as a dildo) into the anus. Anal play, however, refers to any type of anal stimulation. This can include fingering, licking, and other forms of non-penetrative foreplay.


Three distinct groups are represented in this acronym: Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism. Physically restraining your partner while delivering punishment, pain, or humiliation, is referred to as 'bondage and discipline'. 'Dominance and submission' refers to one person having complete authority over a submissive partner who acts and speaks exactly as instructed to. Finally, pleasure induced by pain is referred to as 'sadism and masochism'; the former describes the pleasure of inflicting suffering and the latter, enjoying the experience of pain itself. 

When practicing, remember to be conscious of both your and your partner's BDSM limits!


'Cuckold' is a term used to describe a husband whose wife has cheated on him. When it comes to fetishism, it refers to a man who becomes aroused by his wife having sex with other men.

Edging and Orgasm Control

This technique involves repeatedly bringing yourself or your partner to the edge of climax before withdrawing stimulation. This is usually done to prolong orgasm or increase the intensity of the climax, but may also be used by a Dominant (Dom) to tease a submissive (sub).

Erotic Humiliation

Erotic psychological humiliation refers to a person becoming sexually aroused or excited when they embarrass or shame a partner. For some, being on the receiving end of this humiliation is arousing.


The compulsion or desire to openly display one's genitals is an exhibitionism paraphilia. In certain situations, this may include having intercourse in public while others watch on.

Food Play

Food Play 

This is the act of incorporating edible objects into your sexual practice, which folks can use to heighten arousal and senses during foreplay and sex.

Golden Showers 

Also called 'water sports' or 'piss play', this refers to erotic urination. When someone feels aroused by the sight or notion of themselves or another person urinating, this is known as urophilia.

Impact Play

Impact Play is a BDSM kink in which a person is struck by another for the gratification of one or both participants. This can take several forms, including spanking, slapping, and punching. Folks can use a range of devices while practicing it (for example, floggers or paddles).

Needle Play 

Also called 'play piercing', this sexual proclivity involves piercing your own skin, or a sexual partner's, with needles or other sharp objects. Because this is a cross-section of the BDSM world, people may also enjoy it within a Dom/sub dynamic.


This is a sexual practice where someone with a vagina wears a strap-on dildo to penetrate their partner, typically someone with a penis. However, vulva owners can also use strap-ons to penetrate a female-identifying partner anally.

Collar and Leash

Pet Play

In this BDSM subculture, a Dom serves as a pet owner, while a sub acts as their pet. The submissive behaves like a non-human animal (usually a dog) and does anything a pet might do, including walking on all fours and wearing a leash and collar. Some folks even enjoy being let out into the backyard to go to the washroom!


Role-playing is when you and your partner act out various sex scenarios while one or both of you are in character. This can range from dressing up to fully immersing yourself in a tale and staying completely in character.

Sensation Play

Sensation play involves engaging one's sensory and physical sensations, ranging anywhere from light to painful. Spiked Wartenberg wheels, massage oil candles, ticklers, and whips are some examples of what could be used to help create a sensual environment.


Urethral sounding is mostly performed by penis owners, and involves the insertion of an object into the urethra for sexual pleasure. However, because everyone has a urethra, anyone can try sounding, if they choose to.

Temperature play 

Hot and cold substances or objects are used to stimulate the body's neuroreceptors during temperature play. This can be enjoyed both alone or with a partner, and while it is frequently done as a part of BDSM, it is not limited to these practices. Even the most vanilla of couples can appreciate 'milder' forms temperature play, including using it as a part of foreplay!

Window Gazing


This is arousal from observing people engaging in intimate behaviors, but it's not just limited to sexual intercourse. It can also include watching somebody undress, masturbate, or engage in other intimate actions that are usually done privately.

Drip Candles

Wax Play

Wax play, as used in BDSM, is a form of temperature play in which melted wax is dripped (not poured) over a partner's skin. It's a great way to shake up your daily sex routine, as well as a fantastic opportunity to explore the sensations associated with gaining pleasure from pain.

Regardless of your sexual proclivity, your sexy fantasy, or the kinks you love most to keep it real in the bedroom, we've got your back. Embrace and celebrate them, because they're as unique as you are.

Just remember: regardless of your kink, consent is always crucial when a partner is involved!