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Plus-Size Sex Tips: The Best Toys to Enhance Your Intimacy and Pleasure
By: Sportsheets - 12/12/2017
While there can be certain considerations to account for with plus-sized sex, they can be easily handled with patience, understanding, a sense of humor and adventure, and the right equipment.
Best Sex Positions (and Toys) for Back Pain or Injury
By: Sportsheets - 12/07/2017
Having great sex after a back injury is all about having a great plan for sex, one predicated on open communication of your needs and wants with your sexual partner.
Tips, Toys, and Advice: How to Have Fulfilling Sex in a Wheelchair
By: Sportsheets - 11/27/2017
While able-bodied people often wonder if a wheelchair diminishes sex, those of us in a wheelchair know differently.