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Bringing Mobility and Comfort to Your Sex Life with Sportsheets
By: Emily Fata - 02/24/2022
For many people, the ability to move about freely is a key factor in leading a comfortable life
Epic Sex and Disability Aren't Mutually Exclusive - Here Is Why
By: Emily Fata - 09/17/2021
There are many myths about sexuality and disability, all of which we would love to debunk. However, while we can't address each of them, we can share some advice on sex and disability
Painful Sex Positions? The Best Tips and Alternatives to Reduce Discomfort
By: Emily Fata - 03/20/2018
Sometimes, if you are suffering from chronic or acute joint or muscular pain, sex can be unpleasant, difficult, or even impossible.
Sex with Cerebral Palsy: Toys and Comfortable Positions to Keep You in the Moment
By: Emily Fata - 03/13/2018
Regardless of the severity of your symptoms, cerebral palsy often affects how you perform many daily activities. And sex with CP?
Having Sex with Multiple Sclerosis: Communication, Positions, and Tips
By: Emily Fata - 03/06/2018
Getting a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis can be frightening and exhausting.
Positions and Toys that Let You Have Exciting Sex Regardless of Your Arthritis
By: Sportsheets - 03/01/2018
Sex and arthritis aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, sex can help with the pain and stiffness that arthritis causes.
Debunking Myths about Sexuality and Disability
By: Sportsheets - 02/20/2018
To many people, there are few topics which seem more uncomfortable and personal than sexuality and disability.
Best Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction
By: Sportsheets - 02/08/2018
ED shouldn't - and won't - stop you from having great sexual experiences with your partner.
6 Tips for Enjoyable (and Safe!) Sex After Hip Replacement Surgery
By: Sportsheets - 01/30/2018
Getting back to the business of pleasure can be an emotionally healthy way to aid recovery.
Maintaining Intimacy as a Quadriplegic: A Couple's Guide to Paralyzed Sex
By: Sportsheets - 01/18/2018
Contemplating sex after paralysis can seem like a daunting task, especially when your paralysis reaches the level of quadriplegia.
Paraplegic Sex: Tips and Toys to Increase Intimacy and Pleasure
By: Sportsheets - 01/04/2018
Almost anyone who has experienced any degree of paralysis can tell you that friends often share questions about your disability once they feel close enough to ask.
Sex and Intimacy After Amputation: Building Trust as a Couple in the Bedroom
By: Sportsheets - 12/14/2017
However recently it's happened, for whatever reason, losing your limb is a dramatic change to your body.