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Vibrators: All the Pleasure You Can Handle

By: Sportsheets


For anybody already using a vibrator in their sex play the question almost makes no sense... why wouldn't you use a vibrator?!

Orgasms are great and you can enjoy them from a number of sources - your hand, your partner's hand, via sexual intercourse... the list is endless. And one of the world's most popular sources of orgasm, after straightforward sex, is the vibrator.

So what kind of people use vibrators? The kind of people who want orgasms - powerful, intense orgasms! So that's just about everyone then.

If you're masturbating now and again using fingers then you can get an instant - and substantial - pleasure upgrade by doing it with a vibrator.

And if you are having sex with a partner then vibrators add a whole new dimension to the pleasure you can both enjoy.  

Want social proof? In the United States, at least half of all women have used them. Do not be left out!

But just so the record is complete here are some of the main reasons why vibrator-use absolutely should be part of your sexual pleasure:

  • Vibrators increase female orgasms. All those real-life worries (will I get pregnant? does my tummy look fat? does s/he actually love me? etc) are pushed aside when you're playing with a vibrator. Although Sportsheets strongly advocates the sharing, we know only too well that alone time with your electronic friend helps bypass all sorts of sexual worries. Leaving you free to concentrate on the pleasure of the moment...
  • Vibrators don't practice gender or sexuality discrimination! They're pleasurable for men on their own, for women on their own, for different-sex couples and same-sex couples. Nobody is left out!
  • Enjoy pleasure for its own sake. Pleasure for the sake of pleasure isn't a sin. You don't eat a cream cake for its nutrition and you don't watch Game of Thrones for its philosophical insights. They're pleasure!  And you don't use a vibrator for companionship and love. You use it because it feels so wonderful... all those exciting, sensuous, lip-smacking, good vibrations... A vibrator isn't a relationship - it's just a darned good feeling for you on your own or with your significant other. Enjoy!
  • Vibrators help younger women develop and expand their orgasmic abilities; they help them get familiar with their bodies, to explore, learn and understand. The voyage of discovery a vibrator offers is priceless to a person's self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-acceptance.
  • And vibrators help older women overcome the loss of sexual sensation, the dryness that sometimes comes with the reducing of estrogen - and so brings about the return of full sexual enjoyment.
  • So vibrators are good for your health - not just for your sex life!
  • If foreplay is lacking in your sex life the introduction of a vibrator play can reignite that desire for build-up, anticipation - basically, for non-penetrative arousal. The vibrator reintroduces the idea of taking your time over sex - and gives you some spectacular sensations while you're doing it!
  • Couples who play with vibrators learn that sex isn't just about penetration but can be fantastic in a variety of other ways. Vibrators are a gateway to other forms of intimate pleasure for both singles and couples.
  • Which is an excellent benefit if she finds orgasm during penetrative sex difficult or impossible. Vibrators have been responsible for countless first-ever orgasms!
  • Vibrator play between couples is fun, exciting and erotic. As an addition to a couple's sexual experience it takes a lot to beat a vibrator.

Finally - the sexperts recommend them - and who are we to argue?

Why not use a vibrator?

Well, you know how ordinary masturbation will give you hairy palms, make you blind and ensure you're on a one-way ticket to hell? It's exactly the same with using a vibrator: your clitoris will pack its bags and leave, your hair will fall out and you'll never get that promotion at work that you're after...

Let's be serious. You're on the Sportsheets site because you're an adult, right? Able to think for yourself, to work things out? Of course you are.

So, you already know that a vibrator won't replace your partner as scare-mongers would have it. I mean, think about it. Your partner nibbles your ear, flicks his/her tongue across various body-parts, tells silly jokes (or laughs politely at yours), runs fingers the length of your body and breathes so delightfully heavy when they're approaching orgasm... Your vibrator is a wonderful, fantastic, mind-blowing masturbation aid - but it's not going to accidentally replace a loving, feeling human being.

Use one when you're alone, use one when you're with your partner. For absolute best use of vibrators use them as a part of your sexual repertoire, as a variation or addition to other sexual play - including masturbation by hand (yours or your partner's) and the full range of sexual experiences available.

Include them here, there and everywhere and enjoy everything that our modern vibrators have to offer you!