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International Women's Day: Celebrating Women's Rights and Embracing Sexuality

By: Emily Fagta


Rise Up

It's the month of March, a time of recognizing women's suffrage and the struggle that they have gone through for centuries. Particularly on March 8th, when we celebrate International Women's Day. This is the modern world, where we are actively navigating the balance for better rights, reducing women's issues that they continue to face daily, and ensure that the feminist movement remains at the forefront. 

Naturally, this is something that our women-owned sex toy company prioritizes not just during March, but year-round. We are proud to be run by women and uplift other women worldwide through our products and resources. 

So, why, exactly, do we celebrate Women's Day (and Women's History Month as a whole)? Read on to find out. 

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Why do we celebrate Women's Day and Women's History Month? 

Women's History Month honors the remarkable women who continue to have a lasting impact in our society through their contributions to their communities, the government, medicine, science, literature, arts, and sports. These enormous effects have a tremendous and lasting impact on the development of self-esteem for girls and young women seeking to rise to the challenge of leading the next generation. 

International Women's Day on March 8th is a global day to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of women and girls. It is also a moment to raise awareness about the progress made toward gender equality and the work that remains to be done. Many folks opt to donate to female-focused charities at this time, to help direct funding to organizations that keep women at the forefront of their efforts throughout the entire year. 

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#BreakTheBias is the campaign theme for International Women's Day 2022. Bias, whether intentional or unconscious, makes it challenging for women to succeed. It's not enough to be aware that bias exists; we all need to take action to level the playing field. Exploring women's issues and advocating for women's rights makes a brighter future possible for everyone. 

How the sex industry can empower the feminist movement 

In short, International Women's Day (and Women's History Month as a whole) is for anyone identifying as a woman - cis women, trans women, butch women, and female-identifying folx of all abilities. Beyond this, it's also for women's allies and the community at large that seeks to support and uplift the females in their communities. 

With this in mind, empowering this group of powerful and influential people through the sex industry is an incredible and uplifting place to start. This is an opportunity for women to openly discuss vulval, clitoral, G-spot, and A-spot stimulation and orgasms, and even things like squirting. It also opens the floor to discuss having sex after having a baby or generally reducing discomfort during sex. 

Sex should be fun, sensual, and - arguably - a way to unchain oneself from any sense of body shame or feeling guilt surrounding their sexuality. The sex industry has the perfect opportunity to empower women through the feminist movement, achieving this sense of liberation through their work. 

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How Sportsheets brings women's issues to the forefront 

Sportsheets is a woman-owned and operated business that originated when most adult product brands didn't emphasize women's pleasure. In fact, we are also strong advocates that sex and disability are not mutually exclusive and that kinks and fantasies of all kinds are meant to be embraced and celebrated.  

With a collaborative and customer-driven company culture, Julie Stewart, the CEO and owner of Sportsheets, has built our company to be one worthy of receiving multiple honors and global brand recognition over the past three decades. Julie continues to focus on the desires and overall well-being of women and other neglected markets, seeing Sportsheets' initial invention's popularity as an opportunity to promote women's sexual exploration and wellness. 


Julie has said that since joining her brother in 1995, "There is more social acceptance of women's sexual desire, greater understanding of the female anatomy, and greater spending power among women in the marketplace." Julie's dedication, enthusiasm for the industry, and in-depth understanding of what people want allows her to run a successful company. Through Sportsheets' mission, their goal is to promote and support sexual health and wellness worldwide, beginning with women. 

Celebrate International Women's Day with these sex toys for women 

Here are our favorite toys for women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. 

G-Spot Vibe: With ten total speeds, this contoured vibe can expertly stimulate the labia and clitoris while also targeting the G-spot for vaginal orgasm. Full control is in your hands with this gem! 

Boy Next Door Dildo, 6.5": Lifelike pleasure is in your grasp with this half-foot shaft. The suction cup base enables you to place it on any smooth, hard surfaces for optimal positioning, while also being compatible with most Sportsheets strap-ons for when you're interested in pegging your partner. 


Metal Bunny Butt Plug: The polished nickel-free metal butt plug features a real fur bunny tail and measures 2.75" (6.98 cm) of 'insertable' length. Plus, its long and thin neck securely holds your toy in place for as long as you desire! 

Kegel Exercise System: This set includes 3 Kegel balls in different sizes, and is perfect for everything from sensual vaginal stimulation to strengthening the pelvic floor. 

Bikini Strap On: We are confident that you will adore this stylish, yet affordable solution for individuals who have been thinking about trying on a strap on. For added comfort, place the OVE Dildo & Harness Silicone Cushion over your dildo base! 

Being a part of the feminist movement doesn't have to be complicated. Supporting the women in your life is an amazing place to start, as well as branching out and listening to podcasts and reading books on the topic of women's rights, understanding the issues at play against women and advocating to change them, and, if you're able to, support a women's non-profit organization. 

Happy Women's History Month, everyone!