Testicle Stretcher

Testicle Stretcher

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Enjoy the ecstasy of a slight tug on your balls, or add some weights for CBT play!

This comfortable ball stretcher wraps snugly around your scrotum to create a sensation of a downward pull. Many men find that this small addition provides an enormous amount of pleasure during masturbation or sex with a partner. Ordinarily, the testicles are pulled upwards before and during orgasm, but this handy device keeps them in place for a heightened orgasm! Adjust the hook and loop to your desired fit and, if you're interested, use the attached D-ring to explore how adding weights feels, both physically and mentally! Playing with a Dominant partner? They can attach a leash, chains, or whatever their wicked heart desires!

Great for body-builders!

Ball Stretcher specifications:

  • Material: neoprene, Velboa fabric, and nickel-free metal
  • Measurements: expands for a snug fit of 1.75" (4.5cm) in circumference


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