Everlaster Wishbone (Black)


Whether you have difficulty in maintaining an erection, or want to keep the action going after ejaculation, this Everlaster hollow strap-on is the perfect product. The hollow dildo is 6.5” long and 5.125” in circumference on the outside, and 4.125” deep on the inside. It’s rigid enough to stand up to repeated use, yet has enough give to ensure the comfort of both partners. Our Wishbone harness is constructed with thick, durable straps that keep it from moving, while fitting snugly to prevent chafing. Constructed with ergonomic ball sac clearance to keep your comfort in mind. Its comfort and durability ensure that both you and your partner can enjoy penetration as long as you want.
Product Specifications:
      • Wishbone Harness:
        • Fits hips up to 69" (175.3cm), cinching adjustments allow for perfect fit
        • Stationary O-ring.
        • Can be used with other dildos
        • 4-way adjustable straps are specially positioned to keep from pinching the ball sac
      • Strap-On:
        • Hollow
        • Inner depth: 4.125 inches
        • External measurement: 6.5" long (16.5cm), circumference/girth: 5.125 inches
      • Comes with a 2" O-ring
      • Materials: Polypropylene, PVC, ABS plastic, Nickel Free Metal Hardware, Nitrile
With the Everlaster, men who suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can enjoy continued penetrative sex with their partner, as can paralyzed men who have lost function in their penis. Great for boomers and diabetics; product testers said that it “changed their lives”. The Everlaster allows for the intimacy and connection of penetration, regardless of your body’s capabilities. The Everlaster comes in two harness styles and three colors, and has enabled men to enjoy penetration when they otherwise might not be able to.
Sportsheets has shared this product with the Coalition to Support America’s Heroes, and wounded veterans who had lost the ability to have penetrative sex were able to reexperience that bond with their partner. One gentleman said after a prostatectomy…“Point is, I couldn’t have sex. I couldn’t get hard. You might not think that’s a big deal, especially when I’d already had kids who’d reached their late teens. However, I’ve since learned what sex is, it’s not about having fun, or getting off – it’s about intimacy. Without the physicality of intimacy my relationship was affected, I was used to sex providing that and didn’t quite know how to achieve it without sex.
We’ve since used it several times and had an absolute blast with it. It’s not a replacement, but it allows us to channel our intimacy for each other in a physical manner, and i thoroughly enjoy watching her be satisfied by it.”
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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