Ball Stretcher


  • The testicles are a very sensitive area for a man and should be included in any form of sexual play.
  • The Ball Stretcher will give his balls a tugging downward sensation.
  • Anatomically, it is normal for the testicles to be drawn upward right before and during ejaculation.
  • This stretchy, adjustable and durable Ball Stretcher will keep the testicles in place providing more enhanced sensations for men.
  • Total comfort while wearing and offers unique stimulation.
  • Add weights, chains or a leash to extend pleasure....or pain.
  • Neoprene is ideal for beginners or more experienced users.
  • Neoprene expands to fit most.
  • Expands to fit 1.75", 4.5cm. Provides a snug fit.
  • Includes: One soft Velboa fabric Ball Stretcher and nickel free metal hardware ring
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