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6 Things That'll Take Shower Sex from Awkward to Super-Sexy

By: Sportsheets

Shower Sex

Takeaway: Hot steam, slippery soap suds melting along your body ... shower sex can be super hot - if you skip the awkward stuff.

Taking sex off the bed and into new and fun places is an easy way to turn up the heat between you and your partner. You could try the floor, the car, the kitchen table, but one very popular place for sex is in the shower, and for good reason: you're already naked and touching your body, so why not add a partner to the mix? Plus there's hot steam, slippery soap suds melting along your body ....mmmm... well, you get the idea.

Before you take the plunge, though, let's be real: shower sex has its hurdles. You and your partner are often squeezed into a small, slippery space where there isn't much to hold on to, and water threatens to wash away your lube. Thankfully, though, many of the worst scenarios that can happen in the shower are totally avoidable. Here are six things that will take your shower from awkward to super-sexy.

Get Dirty

OK, so technically this one happens before the shower, but before you get clean, why not get a little dirty? Try somebody painting with nontoxic paints or chocolate sauce. This will make for super fun foreplay before the main event, and you can feel free to go wild since you'll be cleaning off shortly anyway. (Well, after you get dirty again, naturally.)

Keep It Cool

Everyone always imagines a hot, steamy shower when picturing shower sex. And, while that is partially the goal, you want to create the steam with your bodies, not with the water temperature. If the water is too hot and you're in there for too long, it's easy to overheat, scald yourself or dry out your skin! Keep the temperature warm to slightly cool. Another option: turn the water off while you're getting dirty, and turn it back on once you've finished. That way, no-one gets water in their eyes or scorches their butt when it gets too hot.

Add Vibration

Adding a sex toy to the mix is almost always a great idea to enhance your sex life (with or without a partner). Playing in the shower is no exception. Many of the best vibrators are waterproof. Or, if you're looking for a super-cute, discreet option, you can try an incognito sex toy like Sportsheets' Sex In the Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge. The powerful vibrating bullet is guaranteed to help steam things up. When you're done, you can just hang it in your shower for next time and no one will be the wiser!

Be Safe

Safety is an important part of sex no matter where it's occurring, but when you add water to the event, you need to be really careful! First, always have some kind of anti-slip mat on the floor of your shower. If you end up with your legs in the air, let it be by choice, not by unhappy accident! If you're really into shower sex, adding a few handles or grab bars to your shower is also a great idea. Try this simple Suction Handle Grip from Sex In the Shower. Wanna get your leg up? Don't use a flimsy soap dish or slippery tub edge, try this Suction Foot Rest. (It's perfect for shaving too.) Just suction it to the wall and you're ready to go!

Stay Wet

Water is not a substitute for lube. We repeat: Water is not a substitute for lube! In fact, water will actually wash away natural lubricant, making sex much less slippery. Not cool. If you're having shower sex, bring plenty of lube with you.

Wait, what's that sound? It's your body thanking me already. You're so welcome.

Have Fun

If your shower sex is safe, slippery and sexy, chances are you'll have no trouble having fun - and getting off. So jump in, get wet and get dirty while you get clean.