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The Under The Bed Restraint System® Story

The Under The Bed Restraint System® Story


Huntington Beach, Ca, designing our Under the Bed Restraint System® product started way back in late summer of 2004 by the Sportsheets R&D design team. The final concept for the Under the Bed Restraint System® product was released and first sold in 2005. The Under the Bed Restraint System product was new and innovative: designed and named by Sportsheets®. Up until that point, no device like it had ever been made or marketed before. The design consists of straps with wrist and ankle restraints for securing someone in a way that had never been easier or more fun. The product also uses a webbing for the wrist and ankle straps for ease of securing the product to the mattress. The webbing material makes this restraint system portable, easy to set up and pack up, with effortless cleanup. When not in use, the straps can be hidden by sliding them between the box spring and the mattress or beneath the box spring. “Under The Bed Restraint System” is a registered trademark in the U.S. (Reg. No. 4,669,665), as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland (“Under The Bed”); and internationally has been a popular bondage item since it’s conception.

Measure Of Success: 

Sportsheets’ bedroom bondage products have been Keeping Couples Connected® for over 25 years. The Under The Bed Restraint System product was such an original concept in 2005 when it debuted at the ANME show, that it encouraged other competitors to copy the unique design and name immediately.

Why It Works: 

The design is simple to set up, fits any size mattress, travels well, and can be easily hidden. Great for a beginner, yet strong enough to keep the experienced tied up. The limited lifetime warranty backs the quality of the materials and the product.

Solve the Problem: 

The Under the Bed Restraint System® product was originally designed and named by Sportsheets® as a more affordable beginner alternative to the already popular “Sportsheet” product. The goal is to keep the high-quality material at a very reasonable price and to provide bedroom fantasy pleasure to consensual adults.