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February Staff Picks

February Staff Picks

"I love this kit as it's a perfect to surprise your partner on V-day. The cuffs and blindfold are super soft and the feather is just perfect for teasing. This product can make anyone feel sexy."
-- Sylvia


"What better way to give your partner hugs and kisses for Valentine's Day than leaving them on their booty? Use these paddles to work your way up to a strong tap and leave little XOXO impressions on your partners skin. It's a fun and pleasing way to say I Love You."
-- Emily
"This one was another product that I first saw. At first I did not have a clue to what this was. I thought it was a magnet, but after I played around with it I became an instant fan. This item is so sleek that you can take it pretty much anywhere with you for some intimate pleasure by yourself or with your partner."
-- Lee
"The Plus Size Doggie Style Strap was one of the first items I was gifted and it's such a diverse product, from restraint to positioning it really helps make intimate experiences so much more fun. Oddly enough, I've also used it to help a friend's dog walk upstairs, poor pupper had a lot hip pain and the strap helped us get him up the stairs without causing him more pain so I'm a big fan of how useful the strap is!"
-- Chaney
"I'm a busy guy. I wish I had the time to evaluate the best toys for my growing collection, but it's much easier to let the company decide.  And that's why I choose Mysterious Box of Toys. With Mysterious Box of Toys, I can relax, and know that a fine selection of high quality pleasure products is being carefully boxed up and discreetly shipped to my apartment -- or being walked from the warehouse by a well-trained employee to my desk."
-- Kevin