Sportsheets® Sex&Mischief® Guest Stars on ‘Rachael Ray Show’ Valentine’s Special

Sportsheets® Sex&Mischief® Guest Stars on ‘Rachael Ray Show’ Valentine’s Special

TV personality Kendra Wilkinson spices up couples sex lives w/ Sex&Mischief® mask

Sportsheets® made a guest appearance courtesy of The Experience Channel, on CBS’s “The Rachael Ray Show” yesterday for a special episode dedicated to helping fans get “romp roaring ready for Valentine’s Day” with naughty gift ideas. TV personality, Kendra Wilkinson brought along a special kit filled with her favorite recommended romance enhancers that can be found on The stand-out accessory was the Sex&Mischief® Masquerade Mask. Part of the custom “Intimacy Kit” Sportsheets® created for The Experience Channel.

In a special Valentine’s Day segment, Wilkinson sent one lucky couple the Masquerade Mask and a selection of sexy accessories to help put the spark back into their long-term relationship. With a coy smile, the woman reached for the Masquerade Mask and inspired her husband to offer to call the babysitter so they could get down to business.

“Let’s try it now,” he offered eagerly.

“A lot of people need (or want) this in their marriages and their sex lives and they want to have a little adventure – especially this time of year,” Ray told the crowd. “Most people when they get candy for Valentine’s Day, they’re thinking of chocolates in a heart-shaped box. But that is not the only candy that’s available to you!”

The couple told Ray, Wilkinson and the show’s 2 million viewers that they most appreciated the products’ tasteful and romantic look.

“It makes you want to try more things,” he said.

And that’s specifically what Sportsheets® set out to accomplish with Sex&Mischief® – create fun, sexy and affordable fantasy accessories that couples of all sexual levels can enjoy. From blindfolds, ticklers and masks to restraints and bondage accessories, Sex&Mischief® inspires couples to spice up their sex lives with something new every day.

“It’s an honor to have Kendra Wilkinson include Sex&Mischief® products in her mission to help couples across the country enhance their sex lives,” Sportsheets® President Julie Stewart said. “We designed Sex&Mischief® to appeal to men and women who’ve never used bondage accessories but are curious to try, and having our designs featured on an Emmy-winning show like ‘Rachael Ray’ further helps us achieve our company’s heartfelt mission: Keeping Couples Connected®!”

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Sportsheets® International has helped ordinary couples find new pleasure and explore new positions together with specialized “relationship tools” since 1993, when the Sportsheet Bondage Bed SheetTM sexual positioning and restraint system broke into the market. The company now offers more than 300 specialty items, including the Sportsheets Premium restraints, sexual positioning products, and strap-on harnesses; Sex&Mischief®  for the beginner; the ManboundTMcollection for gay couples; Naughty Night Out® bachelorette line; Tease the SeasonTM  Christmas novelties; XOXO2U Collection of Sportsheets-inspired romance; and the award-winning Sex in The Shower® collection. All of the company’s brands individually and collectively support its goal of Keeping Couples Connected!®