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Sportsheets Sellers Support

This page has been designed to give you, our sellers, the information you need to be more successful. 

· Trademark Usage Guideline (Updated July 2019)
· All Product Spec Sheet

If your store is not listed on Our Retailers map, please email us and let us now: Contact Us

NOTE: We are aware of NON-AUTHORIZED parties selling COUNTERFEIT Sportsheets® on Amazon®.Regarding this issue, we are alerting our valued customers, retailers, and distributors that Sportsheets® is actively working to resolve it.Please note that Sportsheets® will NOT honor its 30-Day Return Policy or its Limited Lifetime Warranty for any products sold on Amazon® by Non-Authorized Resellers. We recommend that you use caution in buying products from Non-Authorized Resellers as some of these products may cause permanent damage to your safety and health.