Sportsheets G-spot Link Named ‘Perfect Prop’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine

Sex-focused feature inspires couples to spice up the New Year w/ unique positioning product

The January issue of Cosmopolitan magazine has hit the stands with a five-page feature dedicated to celebrating the New Year with a bang –and Sportsheets’ G-spot Link is featured as the “Perfect Prop.” Touted as the “new kegel balls,” sex positioning tools like the G-spot Link were recommended for couples looking to explore new positions, and Sportsheets is the industry’s top source.

In the form of naughty New Year’s resolutions, Cosmopolitan broke it down for readers curious to learn new and exciting ways to connect with their partners and take their sex lives to a new level. As the Perfect Prop, the G-spot link was praised for its soft ankle straps and easy ability for couples to achieve new angles and deeper penetration.

“It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser,” Cosmopolitan writes.

The G-spot Link takes stress off of her legs and lower back and makes it easy and comfortable to adjust her hips for incredible stimulation – especially to her G-spot. Simply adjust the strap around each ankle, secure with Velcro®, and adjust to maintain the perfect depth and angle for long-term pleasure.

And no sex-spicing feature story would be complete without an introduction to soft bondage play. Cosmopolitan rounded out their resolutions with a recommendation for a BDSM accessory perfect for newbs and beginners – bondage tape.

“BDSM is known for its accessories, but if butt plugs and floggers freak you out, try storing a roll of bondage tape in your nightstand,” Cosmopolitan writes. “The magic tape is the secret weapon of sex merch: it sticks only to itself, not to skin, so it won’t accidentally wax off his hair.”

Sex & Mischief Bondage Tape is the perfect option for beginners eager to try fast and easy restraint play without fumbling for keys or tying tricky knots. This bondage tape won’t stick to skin or hair and is reusable and lightweight enough to wear all over the body for a sexy fetish look.

“We’re so proud to have been recognized by one of the mainstream media’s top resources for sex and lifestyle advice,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “It’s exciting to see internationally recognized publications like Cosmopolitan embrace sexuality with open arms, which seems to be happening more frequently these days – and it’s about time! We hope that readers take these recommendations to heart and we wish them a very happy – and sexy – New Year!”

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Sportsheets International has helped ordinary couples find new pleasure and explore new positions together with specialized “relationship tools” since 1993, when the Sportsheet Bondage Bed Sheet sexual positioning and restraint system broke into the market. The company now offers more than 350 specialty items, including the Sportsheets Premium restraints, sexual positioning products, and strap-on harnesses; the award winning Sex&Mischief line of products for beginners; the Manbound collection for gay couples; Naughty Night Out bachelorette line; Tease the Season Christmas novelties; XOXO2U Collection of Sportsheets-inspired romance; and the award-winning Sex in The Shower collection. All of the company’s brands individually and collectively support its goal of Keeping Couples Connected!