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Sex Over 60: Best Positions and Toys for Seniors

Sex Over 60: Positions, Positions

Where is it written that we can no longer have intense, wild sex as we get older? If passion is the name of your game, don’t let a number be the thing that throws you off it. 

That said, every part of your body likely doesn’t work or feel quite the same way it did when you were younger, so you shouldn’t expect or try to make your sex life the same, either. And let’s emphasize: we’re talking about your sex life changing, not diminishing. A lifetime of experience—and years of shared intimacy for long-term couples—can lead you to intensely passionate sex. You may just want to keep a few concepts and positions in mind. 

Many over 60 prefer sexual positions that ease the pressure on their joints and shift focus to mutual satisfaction and away from intense physical stamina. Below are five fantastic positions for sex over 60, along with some options for toys and aids. Remember: sex toys are not just for the young! They are fun tools that can enhance the pleasure and satisfaction for all partners.


This is an ideal position for many senior partners. If you experience pain or difficulty standing for long periods or leaning backward, then the flexion of this position may bring some relief to your back and your hips. Spooning is perfect for intimate sex that doesn’t require aggressive movement of the lower back and hips.

• Since spooning sex lends itself to a gradually building climax, using a toy that stimulates and heightens sensation can be a lot of fun. Consider trying a cock ring, anal beads, or nipple clips. Our team's recommendations are below, try some or all of them today! 

Modified Doggie Style

This classic can be adapted to lessen the pressure and agility needed to perform it. To modify this position, have the receiving partner kneel in front of the bed, with a pillow beneath their knees and their belly and chest pressed firmly into the bed. This will ease the pressure on their hips and back, and makes use of the bed for stability. You can also place a pillow underneath the forehead for additional support. 

• Using a doggie-style strap allows you to use your arms, more than your hips, to create the thrusting motion. If this modified position creates too much pressure on either partner’s knees, try the next three positions.


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