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March Staff Picks

March Staff Picks

"This is a must have product. Easy to set up, fits any size bed. Very versatile thus allowing the use of various sexual positions. "
-- Sylvia


"Ooh, there are so many great things to say about the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling, comfy seat, easily adjustable, quick installation, good for travel... There is such a variety of positions to try you will never get bored. I like to call them, tease me, rock me, floating cowgirl, downward doggie and superhero. What do you like to call them? Anything new?"
-- Emily
"These are one of my favorites because of how well this item looks. I like the soft fur inside, makes for a gentle feel around the wrists and the sleek all black hardware really gives it an excellent touch."
-- Lee
"The color, curvature, the girth…sign me up! Plus it's so soft, feels like a dream especially when you add lube. The suction cup is super strong so that's tons of fun too."
-- Chaney