Emily Morse and Sportsheets Team Up in Women’s Health Magazine

The New Year is already showing signs of success for Sportsheets International. The company, dedicated to “Keeping Couples Connected,” is hitting mainstream magazine stands with Sex Educator Emily Morse. The popular podcast host comments on the topics of role playing and shower sex, bringing Sportsheets’s Sex In The Shower line into the spotlight.

In the playful article Say Yes…To Hotter Sex, Morse tackles the difficulties of partnering up in the shower with help from Sportsheets Founder Tom Stewart’s brainchild brand. “Couples polled listed the shower as the 2nd most popular place to have sex. It was an obvious gap that needed to be filled, and the topic hadn’t yet been explored in the adult product industry,” says Stewart. Though the potential for frustration seems high to some couples, Morse encourages giving shower sex another shot.

She suggests Sportsheets’s “suction handles, footrests – even handcuffs! – for more fun and leverage.” The nod from Women’s Health magazine trails the manufacturer’s fruitful previous year, nabbing multiple mentions in Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health. Morse is obviously no stranger to mainstream publication, and has been previously featured in both Women’s and Men’s Health magazines. “The Sex In The Shower line really brings something new and unique to the table,” says Tom. “Who else but Sportsheets can take your boring, drug store shower handle and turn it into a sex gadget?”

The Sex In The Shower line by Sportsheets, including the Suction Hand Cuffs, Single Locking Suction Footrest, and Single Locking Suction Handles, are available through our website (www.sportsheets.com) or a store near you (check out our website for where to buy).