8-27-15 Sportsheets Products Featured in Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine known as the undisputed Men’s bible has run an article profiling “The 5 Craziest New Sex Toys You Have to See to Believe” and Sportsheets International, an industry leader in BDSM and couples products snagged 2 out of 5 spots on the list.

Taking number 5 on the list was Sportsheets’ flagship product, The Original Sportsheet, which was the first product invented by Sportsheets founder Tom Stewart.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, imagine a conventional fitted bed sheet, except it’s made out of a Velcro® -compatible fabric and reinforced with straps that go under the mattress. Velcro® -backed anchors that stick to the sheet are then positioned around the bed wherever you want them. Each anchor can then be attached to a collar, handcuff, or ankle restraint, effectively tying your partner down. And “escape” is super easy.

Coming in at #2 on the top 5 list was another product from the Sportsheets’ arsenal of products: their Sex in the Shower line.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, “Sportsheets’ suction products—from footrests and handles to collar restraints and dildos (yes, as in a dildo that suction cups to the wall)—attach anywhere in your shower so you can get clean, have sex creatively, and not fall on your face.”

“We are extremely honored that such a respected magazine such as Mens Health Magazine chose two of our most popular products to feature in this top 5 piece,” claimed Sportsheets President Julie Stewart. “Anytime a mainstream publication gives our products a nod, it brings the adult and mainstream world just a little closer together. Our goal has always been that of Keeping Couples Connected®.”

To see the full Men’s Health Magazine article, please click here.