6-8-15 Sportsheets Encourages Men to Last All Night with New Everlaster Series

Sportsheets International, a global leader in BDSM and Fetish toy manufacturing have announced the launch of their New Everlaster Series.

The new line which currently features two SKUs of hollow dildo strap-on’s, the Everlaster Stud and the Everlaster Wishbone. Not only does the Hollow Dildo increase your length and girth to give your partner a bigger experience he or she isn’t normally used to, the products encompass the entire penis which enables you to go all night long.

“The Everlaster Series Harnesses’ new design is a significant improvement over what’s currently available on the market. The Everlaster are great products for guys who may have trouble with erectile issues. The Everlaster Series of products is a great alternative to enhancement drugs and other pharmaceuticals,” said Tom Stewart, CEO and Founder of Sportsheets. “To the couple who want to go all night – here’s your answer. The Everlaster series has so many uses for so many different people. It was originally conceived to assist those with illnesses, injuries, and dysfunctions to have more rewarding sex lives. It enables people with Spinal Cord Issues, Nerve Damage, and other injuries to stay connected with their significant other.”

Tom Stewart, the founder of Sportsheets spent over 20 years in the military serving as a pilot for both the Navy and the Marine Corps. For years he has been developing products for disabled veterans as profiled by a 2014 piece in VICE Magazine.

The Everlaster Stud features a 4-way adjustable harness and 2” straps. It also includes a 6.5” hollow dildo, a harness that adjusts up to a 60 inch waste. The product is extremely easy to use. It is as easy as putting on a pair of underwear and adjusts in seconds. The kit also includes a removable O-Ring (which is universal and can be used with other Sportsheets Dildos).

The Everlaster Wishbone like its brother product contains a 4-way adjustable harness with ergonomic ball sac clearance, a 6.5 hollow dildo and harness that extends up to a size 69 inch waist.

The products are built with comfort and performance in mind and without a doubt back up the company mission of Keeping Couples Connected®.

Both products are in stock and now shipping.

For more information, please visit Sportsheets official website by clicking here.