10-20-15 Sportsheets Reports Massive Success at eroFame Show

HANOVER, GERMANY – Sportsheets International, one of the Adult Industry’s leading BDSM/fetish manufacturers has returned from the eroFame show having achieved and even exceeded the goals in which the Sportsheets team set out to accomplish.

Sexperiments®, Edge, Sex & Mischief®, Sex In The Shower®, the Sportsheets® line, and its redesigned and revamped gay line, Manbound™ were among the company’s power brands that were  shown to the European Market at eroFame.

“We were blown away by the reception of our products at eroFame,” said Tom Stewart CEO and Founder of Sportsheets. “We had high expectations as European consumers are generally much more open and receptive when it comes to their sex lives.  Although the US Market continues to do extremely well with the softer bondage products; we knew for the European Market we would not only bring our soft bondage products but would also display the harder lines in Manbound™ and Edge™.  This was the perfect show to debut our new  more extreme lines. Needless to say they were a major hit with buyers.”

“We were very excited to show at eroFame as it has been 2 years since our last show in Germany.  We pulled out all the stops with an amazing booth highlighting our top sellers in each brand as well as some spectacular marketing to show retailers the possibilities of how their stores can look with images and Plan O Grams,” said International Sales Manager Corrin Brubaker. “There was a bed in the booth so we could teach customer’s first-hand the benefits of The Original Sportsheet bed sheet product.  That was a hit.  Lots of people were having a blast finding out all the ways to use  The Sportsheet™.”

Sportsheets is available throughout Europe from a number of distributors including Creative Conceptions, Eropartner, Distra, Shots Media, Dildos Assorted, MSX and Nordiska.

For more information on Sportsheets products or for help finding the right distributor, you can contact Sportsheets directly at 011-714-698-0877 or email info@sportsheets.com.

You can also view all of Sportsheets’ catalog by visiting Sportsheets.com.