1-28-15 Sportsheets International Takes Home O Award for Outstanding Accessory Product Line for Women

Leading BDSM and Fetish Manufacturer, Sportsheets International has taken home an O Award for Best Product Line for Women for their new plus size line Sportsheets Plus

The O Awards which are held annually alongside with the AEE Expo and AVN Awards in Las Vegas honors the best in pleasure products. This year, the 6th annual awards were held at the Body English Nightclub high above the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Tom Stewart who founded Sportsheets 22 years ago when he designed the original Sportsheet was on hand to accept the award.

“We are so honored that AVN chose to honor Sportsheets Plus with the Outstanding Accessory Product Line for Women award,” Stewart claimed. “We have come to an age where not every girl is a size 5. Women and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we at Sportsheets realize that. We wanted to make our line accessible to anyone who wants to keep their relationship fresh and healthy and since we launched Sportsheets Plus, all our product lines have increased and the company has grown by leaps and bounds. We are very grateful to AVN for recognizing us yet again with another O Award.”

The Sportsheets Plus line is adjustable and its 4-way adjustable straps fit sizes 12 – 30 and adjusts to hip sizes up to 72 inches. The new product line currently features several SKUs including regular Strap-On harnesses as well as the Doggie Style Strap. According to the company, the line is growing and new products are in development since demand has gone up.

“Sportsheets Plus is a very important step forward for our company,” claimed Sportsheets President Julie Stewart. “With the whole 50 Shades Phenomenon, BDSM and Fetish has become more and more mainstream and millions and millions of women who had never even considered trying anything remotely close to what our products are manufactured for are flocking to the sex shops and online and buying out everything they can. The average American woman is above a size 10 and her sexual exploration should not be stunted because of her size. Sportsheets Plus takes care of that problem and makes our product lines accessible to women of all shapes and sizes.”

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