08-14-2014 Sportsheets gives Back To School a whole new meaning

Sportsheets has done it again, living up to the StorErotica award they just won at the ANME Founders show in July, the new 2014 Retail Education of the Year Award, by turning August into Sex Ed Back to School month. With stats on shoppers who come to stores looking for school bargains, and the dollars they spend, retailers could and should take advantage of the many shoppers hitting the stores by having their own back to school sales. Take advantage of the crowds by making store fronts appealing and fresh. Maybe its time for the naughty school girl to come to the front of the store or be placed in the window display. Use this back to school opportunity to educate your customers and introduce them to something new.

Learn from the experts – Tristan Taormino, Megan Andelloux, Kelly Shibari and bring one in to teach your staff.

“When it comes to sex and relationships, we can all be lifelong learners — we can continue to explore our desires, discover aspects of ourselves and our partners, and learn new things. With a focus on educating consumers, sex toy retailers are an incredible resource for people, giving them information and tools for their unique sexual journey.”
– Tristan Taormino, author * sex educator * filmmaker * college lecturer * radio host

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