01-15-16 Sportsheets Debuts Growing Team and Product Lines at 20th Anniversary ANME

The Sportsheets® team has wrapped another successful Winter ANME. The booth was buzzing with customers and sex educators eager to see the new additions to Edge®, Manbound™, Sexperiments®, Sex & Mischief®, and the original Sportsheets line. The 20th Anniversary of ANME also marked the company’s first appearance with the latest industry vets to join the manufacturer’s ranks, Michael Guilfoyle and Colleen Godin.

Booth visitors raved about the Edge Dragon Kiss whip, new Sexperiments pieces, and Sportsheets Lush Strap-On. “The Lush Strap-On was created because we had petite consumers buying the Plus Size Beginner’s Purple Strap-On,” says CEO and Founder Tom Stewart. “Women of all sizes liked the color and fabric so much that they were buying it and then modifying to fit their non- plus-size frame.” Stewart says the latest products were created with the company’s biggest fans in mind. “Our customers keep requesting more Sportsheets, both in the field and on their shelves, so of course we had to deliver only the best,” says Stewart. “We take great pride in being a company that really listens to every level of clientele, from our distributors to our end consumers, and it shows in everything we do.”

ANME attendees were able to see the original Sportsheet bondage bed sheet in action. The booth featured a mattress, complete with cuffs, tethers, and other famous Sportsheets staples. Sex Educator Emily Morse was spotted taking it for a spin, and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation was given a one-on-one demo from Stewart and the team. “I have to say that Sportsheets is one of those amazing companies that you hear about and wonder if any company can really be THAT good, but wow!” says Woodhull Founder Ricci Levy. “You’ve just got to talk to the folks at Sportsheets. [They have] some of the most creative solutions around.”

Sportsheets’s latest additions to Sex & Mischief, Manbound, Edge, Sexperiments, and the original Sportsheets brand can be ordered through your distributor or by contacting info@sportsheets.com.