01-07-2014 Sportsheets, Honey’s Place Reunited

Sportsheets, Honey’s Place Reunited 

‘And it Feels So Good!’— U.S. Distributor Resumes Role as Authorized Dealer of Award-winning Sportsheets Brands

Following a brief hiatus, Sportsheets and Honey’s Place are reuniting as distribution partners, bringing exponential growth to both parties and high quality, innovative products to retailers nationwide.

Honey’s Place customers can now have access to Sportsheets’ expansive catalog, featuring the iconic namesake brand, along with the bestselling Sex&Mischief, Sex In The Shower, and Manbound lines.  With new products set to be unveiled at this weekend’s ANME Show in Burbank, Calif., the timing of this fruitful reunion is perfect.

“We’re thrilled to start the New Year with a welcome reunion with Honey’s Place,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “We found our partnership with Honey’s Place to be indispensable and we’re looking forward to our future growth together. Sportsheets has a lot in store for 2014 and we couldn’t be happier to bolster the success of retailers everywhere with exciting new product releases, high-caliber marketing and merchandising materials and the support of Honey’s Place.”


Sportsheets recently announced an expanded selection of crop designs, which saw eight new additions to the Sportsheets Premium and S&M brands. With leather and vegan varieties priced for mass consumer appeal, Sportsheets maintains its legacy of serving a diverse market with a wealth of high-quality options to choose from.

“Honey’s Place is delighted to re-introduce the bestselling Sportsheets brands to our line-up,” Honey’s Place President & CEO Bonnie Feingold said. “I’m positive our customers will be just as thrilled as we are about this reunion — we look forward to strengthening our bond and future success!”

Like Sportsheets, Honey’s Place is a family-owned business operating on a state-of-the-art facility in Southern California. With the tagline “Our Business Is Your Success,” Honey’s Place offers prompt order processing, drop-shipping services and nationwide shipping with no minimum orders.  For Honey’s Place sales inquiries call800.910.3246 or email

For Sportsheets ordering and information, please call (714) 698-0877 or email your preferred sales representative.

For more information about Sportsheets, please visit

Sportsheets International has helped ordinary couples find new pleasure and explore new positions together with specialized “relationship tools” since 1993, when the Sportsheet Bondage Bed Sheet sexual positioning and restraint system broke into the market. The company now offers more than 350 specialty items, including the Sportsheets Premium restraints, sexual positioning products, and strap-on harnesses; the award winning Sex&Mischief line of products for beginners; the Manbound collection for gay couples; Naughty Night Out bachelorette line; Tease the Season Christmas novelties; XOXO2U Collection of Sportsheets-inspired romance; and the award-winning Sex in The Shower collection. All of the company’s brands individually and collectively support its goal of Keeping Couples Connected!