Sex Whips, BDSM Whips & Bondage Sex Toys

Let your unbridled passions deliver a satisfying sting with this arsenal of BDSM whips. Use power, pleasure and punishment in thrilling new ways to arouse your partner's every desire. want to caress your lover's curves? Take the Large Rubber Whip's Black strands and run them across their skin. Need to dole out a few licks of punishment? Give them a taste of torment with the Dragon Kiss Whip, a durable, dual tipped leather whip that delivers searing slaps. Choose from intermediate BDSM toys like the Medium Whip, made with silicone strands or the more serious Mahogany Flogger, an S&M tool for the dominatrix or boss who means business. BDSM whips are always complete with the contrasting feather tickler, adding a little taste of mercy and playful flirting; and of course, the classically submissive blindfolds and handcuffs. Take your sexy plaything captive and let them feel the searing pain of your passions in tandem with limitless pleasure, blow for blow with our S&M whip collection.