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Penetration Station®

$31.99 USD $46.99 USD

Website Exclusive

Back by popular demand, for a limited time. If you’re looking to maximize your penetration depth, then the Penetration Station is for you. Like the Under The Bed Restraint System, this set fits any mattress and is easy to discreetly tuck under the bed when not in use.

The base of the Station is a 15-foot center strap that fits under any mattress and attaches to a selection of foot leverage straps in varying lengths. The soft and durable neoprene attachments keep both of you comfortable while you experience new positions designed especially to get the deepest penetration.


Penetration Station Diagram

Sold in a bag and not in the box. Package image provided for reference only. This item is handmade at our Cerritos, California facility.


SKU: SS41302