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Super Cuffs

$35.99 USD

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Super Durable, Super Satisfying, Super Cuffs!

Who knew just one little addition to your bedroom arsenal could bring such sultry satisfaction? Dare to be devious as you cinch up their limbs to accommodate your Domination fantasy. Restrain behind the back to make them the helpless recipient of your affection or bind their ankles to create ecstatic new angles. These essential restraints are made with a strong, but soft material to keep those tender wrists and ankles safe, yet securely latched in the heat of the moment. The hook and loop closures attach to the D-rings and allow for easy on, easy off bondage play.

Super Cuffs specifications:

  • Material: Neoprene, polypropylene webbing, nickel-free metal


SKU: SS41001

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