Nipple Play

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Add a pinch of erotic pleasure to your BDSM play. In our Nipple Play collection, find nipple clips and clamps that range from practical and comfort centric to bejeweled and bedazzled. The Tug on My Heart Clips feature rubber-enrobed tips for comfortable nipple clamping and are attached to a metal connector chain that not only looks hot but will allow the wearer to feel the tug and tease of their partner's desires. Maintain absolute control of your partner's pleasure with the tweezer-like clamps of the Ruby Black Nipple Clips, adorned with sexy red and black jewels. These clips are ideal for all levels of pain tolerances and can be adjusted for a personalized experience with rings that slide down the shaft, allowing for increase or decrease of pressure. From sophisticated Pearl Chain Nipple Clamps to flirty Feathered Nipple Clamps; from elegant teardrop crystals to super glam Diamond Gem Nipple Clips with a double chain, our selection of Nipple Play accessories are designed not only for more intense sensations and climaxes, but also for showstopping good looks.