Water-Based Personal Lubricants, Lube for Sex Toys & More

Let your love flow freely with our selection of premium lubricants from top brands like Wicked, ID Millenium and our own brand, Sincerely Sportsheets. Long-lasting pleasure starts with silky smooth penetration. No matter where the entry point is, wetter is always better! Explore a variety of personal lubricant options. For the most natural experience, perfect for penile or vaginal application, shop the water-based personal lubricants that stimulate the body's natural lubrication and never leave a sticky mess. Water-based lubricants enhance the ease of insertion by reducing unwanted friction and dryness. Compared with other choices, this is usually the best option for more sensitive skin types. For ultra-thick, super-concentrated moisture, shop the silicone-based lubricants, meant for stamina, since they last without drying or dissolving. This is a great choice for aqua play, in the shower or even underwater. For men desiring a long-lasting intimate affair, OT Overtime delay cream provides the ability to prolong satisfaction for his partner, allowing him to stay harder longer. For a truly playful, adventurous experience, choose from a selection of flavored lubricants. Choose from Candy Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry or other juicy flavors that will make oral sex a delicious and flavorful experience for everyone involved. Find lubricant options that are vegan, non-sticky, paraben-free, long-lasting, and latex friendly, so you can apply using condoms with no problems. No matter how much moisture happens naturally, you can never have too much help as you slip and slide your way to ultimate pleasure.