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Kegel Exercise

Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Balls & Kegel Weights

For centuries, Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls have been used to strengthen pelvic floor and vaginal floor muscles. Contracting and releasing the inner muscles regularly helps tighten the vaginal canal, resulting in stronger orgasms, improved self-lubrication, a tighter grip when your partner's inside you and enhanced sexual pleasure for both men and women. Recommended by health experts, this also helps with bladder control over time and even helps restore vaginal muscle tone after childbirth. Kegel balls allow you to insert a small, weighted ball into the vagina and practice holding it inside for routine vagina workouts. You can even do this discreetly as you go about your daily activities. No one would suspect - unless you want them to. Kegel balls also provide pleasurable stimulation, making them a fun sex toy to add to the mix. Find premium kegel balls in our collection, including a single, rose quartz yoni egg, believed to infuse the experience with chakra healing energy; Sets of weighted kegel balls, like our 3 piece Sincerely, Kegels Exercise System or a set of 2 stainless steel kegel weights and more. The weighted kegel ball sets give you the ability to scale up your kegel exercise regimen, gradually increasing the weight as you build your muscle strength.
Ben Wa Balls Kegels


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